Top Fuel Motorcycle.

The performance of Top Fuel Bikes are astounding

1000 Horsepower (approximately 25% more than a Formula One Car)
  0 - 60 mph in 0.7 seconds
  0 - 100 mph in 1.1 seconds
0 - 230 mph in under 6.5 seconds

Top Fuel Motorcycle facts:

They are the fastest accelerating machines on two wheels on the planet and will out accelerate all vehicles from a standing start (except for Top Fuel Cars) including Formula One Cars and even Thrust SSC and F14 Jet Fighters.
These machines cost in excess of $80,000 to build.

They have four cylinder purpose built engines, are supercharged, fuel injected, and consume over 15 gallons of the explosive fuel Nitromethane every mile.

They run sophisticated clutches with multiple stages of pressure controlled by electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic control systems.
They have a gearbox with two ratios. Gearchanges are made by pushing a handlebar mounted button.

It is hard to describe the awesome spectacle of a Top Fuel machine in competition. The sight and sounds of these machines as they reach speeds of over 230 mph (320 for the cars) in around five seconds has to be seen to be believed.

Engines are pushed to the brink of destruction as the vehicles fight for grip as they try to apply their awesome power to the ground. With only one tyre through which the motorcycles grip the ground, the task of controlling the awesome power is immense.

The machines pull over 3g of acceleration

(more than an astronaut experiences at take off) from the startline and lift the front wheel
off the ground. Struts with small wheels at the back are employed (wheelie bars) to prevent the machines flipping over. The only way to steer the bike with it's front wheel off the ground is for the rider to hang his body off the side to alter the balance. The skill and bravery of the motorcycle riders is paramount in attaining competence in this, the most powerful sport on earth.

These huge motorcycles are an astounding spectacle, even standing still they look fast.
It takes a special breed of person to ride them

There is absolutely nothing in the world of motorcycles to compare with them.