Drag Racing Nitro Burning Funny Cars

The full bodied fuel funny cars along with the Top fuel dragsters are by far the
most highly powered race cars on the racetrack today

Class Designation
FC/ precedes these ultimate highly power cars with there own unique number

      a) Fuel-burning Funny cars are built specifically for drag racing competition only.
          They have a minimum weight rule that is taken at the end of each race which
          they must meet at 2425 pounds, including driver

      b) Engine max size of 500 cu in with a rear wheel axle ratio, fitted with
          wheel tyres that give a top speed over the 1/4 mile
          in the region of 300mph

      c) The rules state a maximum wheel base of 125in unlike a what is known
          as sling shot Dragster with a max wheelbase of 300 in

These cars run on Methanol with performance enhancements added.

There are 2 groups of cars that full under this class of Drag Racer

1) Funny car 8000 hp

State of the art cars, whose carbon fibre bodies alone are approx $60,000 plus $100,000 for chassis and engines

Theses cars are ultimate in performance and power a wolf in sheep’s clothing there performance is limited only by imagination.

These cars truly are the gladiators of the sport of drag racing

We ask the drivers of one of these immense powerful machines
“Why not race a top fuel dragster” and various answers come back:

Top of the list

You don’t aim you drive the car

They are a driver’s car

A funny car has character

As you sit behind the engine you feel in control

You can see and feel the hart beat of the power

You just cant put into words the felling you get from a good hard run
( see what it like to drive a Funny Car on page 10)

2) Nostalgia Funny car

These cars are re enactment of the history of days gone by featuring some of
the most fames named cars ever to appear on the Drag Racing tracks worldwide

The cars performance are controlled by the parts and specifications applicable at the
time of there development in there day they were truly the kings on the track

 Drag racing is an American sport no one deny that

Since funny car’s first left the safe shores of America back in the 80’s and headed for Europe they have changed beyond recognition.

They are powered by the same supper class of V8 engine as the Top Fuel Dragster,
producing 7000 to 8000 hp and consuming vast amounts of specialized fuel,
but they are still limited to 500 cu in.

They are the most powerful street replica car in the world of Motorsport,

A Funny Car is not funny as it sounds but is a very serious piece of engineering like its top fuel Sisters the technology is even more exact due to the restrictions of body design modification but still allowing top speeds of over the 320 mph or 400 klm.

Control over power,

Yes, all drivers have given different answers, but the common theme is control over power,

Back in the Roman days men raced their chariots standing behind the power source, as time went on the same configuration remained, men controlled the power from behind.

Just think of the traction engine, steam trains, they were all the same, the same configuration is the same today, its all about control.

The gladiatorial aspect of funny car racing is the same today, men and their machines compete to be supreme winner

Not for the faint hearted!

At speeds up to 300mph in 4-5 seconds over the ¼ mile is what funny car racing is all about, not for the faint hearted!

Spectator World wide come and support their favourite cars. Funny cars have there own distinctive body style, supporter identity with this

Highest spectator pulling power

Funny cars are greatest with the highest spectator pulling power of all the pro Classes

Real men face their problems or drive a Funny Car!

 In conclusion being a part of funny car racing is an experience that words cannot describe.