Getting started in Drag racing

Run what ya brung
  track days are the grass roots of the sport

Going along to a RWYB with your Car or Bike is normally the stating and first experience of unlimited acceleration to achieve your personal best

Drag strip can be fun places and for many are a place you can drive your car to the
limit and compare your own reaction time to others.
 Various dragstrip have there own rules and requirements due to the fact that they tend to run their events outside the recognized sanctioning bodies, this gives them the freedom to tailor the event according to requirements of the day

RWYB’s are great fun, where you can compete against you pals in complete safety and within the law, and who knows you might get hooked and apply for a competition license and become a professional racer!!

 A word of caution, motor racing is by its nature a risk activity and should be undertaken with care.
Personal care and public liability is a participant’s responsibility, along with organisers.

Door Slammers days
This class of racing as the name suggests is the domain of full bodied cars and sometimes is incorporated within a Run What Ya  Brung format. Normally these events are more organized within normal competition rules as administered by the host track.

Door Slammer events proved very popular to the big muscle cars, and still take place under various titles with the common theme of street racing

A popular aspect of these events is the ability of specialised motor clubs i.e Chevy, Ford, Mini, or whatever, to meet, and compare.

These events are open to all street legal cars and bikes, are as the name suggest these are very well supported by participants

Sponsors involvement is normally protected by the permits that are issued by the relevant sanctioning
bodies, but always make yourself aware of the small print on any involvement with an event

Street and Clubman
  to International status events
Motorsport like many other sports is made up of clubs and associations - drag racing is no different.

The words ‘club event’ are a broad statement covering a whole host of events from private only, open to members of a particular clubs, to the highest status international events with headline stars appearing from around the world. They are all run under club rules, sanctioned by the relevant bodies in each of the many countries that now have drag racing events.

 Entry registration into these events are normally by application prior to the unlike
                                                RWYB or some Door Slammer type of events which you can normaly enter on the day.