The pages listed below are self explanatory, but provide links to various specialized areas

1) Contents
The pages listed below are self explanatory, but provide links to various specialized areas
12) Press Releases
Notice Board

Open to anyone that wishes to announce events or products that would be of interest to visitors to this site Clubs - Tracks  & Associations  are all welcome
22 Our on-line shop
Supporter T-Shirts, Jackets & Caps
on sale from April 2011

2) Front Page
Introductions to our sponsors  who have all paid an important part  in our successful racing season
13) The Nostalgia Fuel Altered Association

Formed by a dedicated group of racers &enthusiast to enshure the continuation of the class and promote Fuel Altered Racing

23) Top Fuel Dragster
We take a close look into the technology involved in Tops Fuel racing, revelling
 some incredible
facts and figures – powered by major sponsors’ money, computers,     
3) Market Place
By contacting us you can have space on this page for your sales or the marketing of  your goods & services
  14) VW Bug Scene
A look into the world of VW drag racing and the immense following
24)  Funny Cars - Pro Fuel
Today’s cars can be the deepest money pit of all times or the most exhilarating drive you could ever experience

4) Sell Your Products
Whether you are a large or small company we can design an advirtising  package to suit your budget  to sell your products worldwide

15) Drag Racing
Sanctioning Bodies

Worldwide listings of official recognised governing bodies of the sport of Drag Racing

25) Top Alcohol Funny Cars

 5) Your name on a car
How to get  worldwide exposure for your company name and or products via TV  Internet  &  the press ( large spectator following)

16) Worldwide Dragstrips

Listing of Dragstrips worldwide

26) Pro - Stock Car

 6) Promotion Packages
Drag Racing has the ability to communicate over vast areas - country borders are of no concern to racers and motorsport supporters alike

17) Teams & Driver's

27) Top Fuel Bike
These huge motorcycles are an astounding spectacle, even standing still they look fast.
It takes a special breed of person to ride them

7) Sponsorship Packages
FGR can place sponsorship within the world of Drag Racing in any one of many classes including Top Fuel Bike, Nitro Burning Funny Car and Top Fuel Dragster

18) Vampire The Story
The history of the Vampire Jet Dragster , the car that was made
famous by Richard Hammond of
"Top Gear" fame, also current holder of the non wheel British Land Speed record driven by Colin Fallows.

 28) Pro Stock Bike

8) What we do
All types of safety Roll cages
Tube chassis work
in GRP - Carbon fibre  Aluminium shaping and forming
Engines – Blowers –Transmissions Rear Axles – Front Axles all types undertaken-
New or repairs
Prototype projects – welcome

19) Drag Racing Hall of Fame
Those honoured for inclusion into this the Hall Of Fame are from across-the-board in the world of Drag Racing
  29) Jet/Rockets Cars - Bikes

  9) Learn to drive a Funny Car
Over time we have had many requests to hire a drive for one off events or a full race series - now you can live the dream & become a Funny Car Driver

20) History of FGR motorsport

A brief history of FGR from 1958 todate
 30) Starting Point
Run what ya brung
track days are the grass roots of the sport

Door Slammers days
are as the name suggest these are very well supported by participants

Street and Clubman
do not normally have the head line cars appering

 10) Whats it's like to drive
a Funny Car

I cannot convey in a few words just what it is like driving a Funny Car,it
is the most exhilerating experience when I hit the gas pedal, 7,000 hp instantly comes to life

21 Competition Pages
See your own pictures here

* Photo Competition

* Design a Dragster  Paint Job

Design a Funny Car Paint Job

* Entrants invited for our 2012
   Wall Calendar
 31) FIA Drag racing
The ultimate challenge to any racer is to take home this coveted award.

The FIA drag racing covers 5 classes
of drag cars in this major European series in 6 countries

Starts in May with the finals in September
 11) Drive a Dragster
FGR can give you the opportunity to rent a Top Fuel Dragster for an event or season at top competition level to participate in the FIA European Drag Racing Championship or any other country

 32) Last page
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