Marketing your Corporate Identity - in your company colours and branding

This is a great way to display your brand name to the world.

We have a wide range of opportunities for you to reach the large and exciting world markets for your company products and services.

The sport of Drag Racing is an overall description that encompasses a motor oriented lifestyle and events that are growing worldwide.

They are normally integrated into Motorsport complexes and form part of the calendar of events at famous name locations worldwide

There are 4 main types of events

Pure Championship Drag Racing - FIM and FIA administered

Street and Clubman race days - these do not normally have the head line cars appearing

Door Slammers days - are as the name suggest these are very well supported by participants

Run what ya brung days - (Track days the grass roots of the sport begins here)

Drag Racing is  truly an International Motorsport, we together can with our specialist knowledge
and related marketing products cover the full spectrum of consumer purchasing and services.

All over the world we have a vast network of drivers, mechanics, technicians, supporters and spectators all are consumers of every day products i.e. mobile phones to toothpaste, they also use every means of transport, cars, bikes, ships and planes all of their purchases re influenced by brand awareness. 

The sport of Drag Racing as we have said is worldwide, now with growing coverage via Facebook, Twitter, Sky TV and many other TV programing networks, and of course the Internet. Away from the mainstem public service broadcasting it is giving us increasing public awareness, we now are able to reach and communicate with a very targeted audience of car and bike enthusiasts, all directly or indirectly connected with the motor trade.

Your name on a car or bike will give you potential world wide exposure