If I See the Green Light I’ve lost! -----  I’m here to win 

0 to 60 mph in 0.58 sec
0 to 100 mph 0.76 sec  0 to 300  mph  in 5.2 sec
At this point it's 2 cars and we are both out to win

When the track is clear, we are given the signal to start our engines, the engines fire, the bodies are
lowered and we both drive out on to the track. I drive the car through the water patch and commence the
burnout procedure, this cleans and warms up the surface of my rear tires, at the same time laying a
rubber coating on the track surface.

I’m on my own now
After backing up to the start line from the end of the burn out, the engine is now
at its preferred operating temperature

Final adjustments are made to my injection systems.  I pass the reverse gear lever out of the window; it’s
forward only from now on. I am now controlled only by my crew chief  who I have absolute faith in, he says
when the car is in a go position.

Feeling the surge of power developing in the engine, my adrenaline levels soar,my heart is  pounding and my line of vision is slightly misting from my own sweat and engine fumes.

Keeping one eye on the starter I edge into the stage lights, I also have an eye on my crew chief and my third eye on the finish line, it's only ¼ mile away, it may as well be 10 miles. Flames from the exhaust are reflecting all around the car, I hear my opponent’s engine coming closer.

Slowly into stage I go
 Moving forward into the electronic staging beams, the chief starter takes over starting the count down on the lights. This is it !

When the second amber appears; I have (point 0.4 sec) before the green comes on. If I see the green  I’ve lost, I see the ambers and hit the throttle, anticipating that my giant slicks that were pre- warmed in the burnout will grip the surface like tigers claws.

We’re off - The engine is now at full power
The supercharger is rotating at 40% over crank speed, pumping air at 2600 cu ft per min, the clutches five massive iron clutch plates are now biting with its pre-set program in control, along with the 50,000 volts  from two  incredible  powerful magnetos of the ignition system. 

The fuel management control system is now metering Nitro fuel at the incredible rate of 100 gals per min at 650 psi, by using 34 jets, and 20 pressure control valves all of these have now come into action at pre-determine time.

In under a second
I've hit the 60ft mark doing 100 mph  - my engine will have gone from idle at 2000 to 8000 rpm approx in 0.15 of a second and is developing over 8000hp.

I am being rammed hard back and up into my seat, with pressure on my shoulders from the straps from the safety harness - I'm on target for the ultimate hard run.

I feel the other car thundering away beside me, we are both drifting towards the centre line, I must go on you
only get one shot at the finish line … that’s Drag Racing! 235 mph in 3.5 secs

now 4.44 seconds
I'm now at the 1/8 mile marker, the car is running well – 235 mph in 3.5 secs is normal at this point, the engine loses a cylinder and vibrates slightly, but comes back on  - was it to much fuel or the clutch dragging the engine down?. 4.44 seconds at 1000 ft  272 mph

at 270 plus
Watching out of the corner of my eye my opponent is  disappearing behind me, the finish line looms.
The car should be cruising at 270 plus and I’m is still accelerating hard, the engine feels good, in a flash the finishing line passes I’m now on for 290mph,

5.21 seconds at 287mph now at 1320 ft ¼ mile
It all over  - I take my foot off the throttle, the engine dies down, I pull the parachutes, at this point I have learnt by experience the fun is not over yet.

The decelerating forces on my mind and body are incredible, the 5g’s acceleration at the start is nothing compared to stopping power of the parachute.

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