Vampire the story

Vampire is 9 metres in length and is powered by a turbo-jet engine that currently holds the outright Non Wheel
driven British Land Speed Record driven by Colin Fallows to a mean speed of 300.3 mph (483.3 km/h) on
July 5, 2000 at Elvington Yorkshire, England which was broken in 2006 at 310 mph -  Vampire also holds the
records for: The flying ¼ mile – the flying ½ mile and the flying kilometre

Vampire consumed from 7 to 10 UK gallons of fuel per mile. Powered by a Rolls Royce Orpheus turbo-jet engine it could accelerate from standstill to 272 mph (438 km/h) in six seconds, a personal best set at Santa Pod Raceway

Vampire crashed in 2006 when Shooting of a segment for the television show Top Gear s its driver Richard Hammond.

Hammond did manage to beat the official British land speed record, recording a top speed of 314 mph (505 km/h). However, he did not officially break the British record as, according to the rules, two runs in different directions and an independent observer are required.  It was joked that Hammond would have created the record for the fastest crash but would have needed to repeat the crash in the opposite direction.

Since the crash  the car has been  back in the hands of one of the original builders,  and  restored  to its original condition  by FGR Motorsport Ltd based at Podington,

Vampire was originally constructed in the late 80's by FGR in Bromley Kent by Bob and Roy Phelps,Alan Herridge and Jeff Bosworth, who was also one of its original drivers,  Vampire was one of a pair of identical match-race jet dragsters - the sister car being "Hellbender"