Drag Racing is all about power.

It is one of the fastest and noisiest motor sports!

With the cars limited to 320 mph from a standing start over a quarter mile !.  It is now a  worldwide sport and has a vast number of active participants and supporters. Drag Racing is not an exclusive sport unlike F1. At the lower classes it is open to anyone, with a car and a love of speed,  starting with club track days for example - fast & furious Japanese cars, to the ultimate extreme - Nitro burning 300pmph carbon fibre production replicas!! The Kings of the Sport.

North America is the spiritual home of the sport

Drag Racing was born in the USA, the two main organising bodies are  the IHRA and the NHRA. The followers of Drag Racing make this the No1 motor sport, with participants ranging from the smallest to the largest engine capacity.

Your Companies name on a Car or Bike

Most Countreies around the world now have Drag Raceing
As we say the USA has the largest number of Drag Strip but America is a large country but collectivly the rest of the world has more

Australia – New Zealand, Thailand, also including Bahrain and the Emirates

Scandinavia, and Europe – Sweden, Norway, Finland Switzerland, Germany, Holland

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Being involved in Funny car racing is a an unbelievable experience

Introduction to FGR’s New 300 mph Drag Racing Car