Showcase your goods and services worldwide.

The nature of Drag Racing with both cars and bikes makes Drag Racing events unique!

Drag Racing has the ability to communicate over vast areas. Country borders are of no concern to racers and motor sport supporters alike.

As with the likes of National sports
i.e. football,cricket, baseball to name but a few.

Drag racing has an untold numbers following the sport worldwide , now more than ever due to a developing growth of cable,& Satellite TV and  the Internet

The Internet is the fastest growing media linking large groups together with of course the websites of the various motor orientated businesses, and social sites – Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and the like.

This is a changing world but one thing is common, ordinary people want to communicate with each other in leisure and the work place, that’s where the Internet complete with social networking is the way forward.

We at FGR have the connections to compile promotion packages to market your companies products and services worldwide.