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Euro oil


About Eurol

Eurol is a prominent producer of lubricants and is active in the bicycle and motorbike industries, the automotive industry, industry, agriculture and earthworks, shipping and water sports. As an independent producer and global player in the oil industry, Eurol is able to respond to new developments very quickly. Intensive contact and close collaboration with the market gives Eurol the opportunity to develop the appropriate product for every application.

As a total supplier, Eurol has a very complete product range. Besides lubricants in the broadest sense and oils and greases, the product range supplied includes maintenance products in sprays and aerosols, screenwash fluids and coolants, brake fluids, metal working fluids and undercoatings.

Eurol efficiently blends and packages its quality oils in what is one of the most modern factories in Europe (Nijverdal, NL). The high-tech blending process ensures that raw materials and components are dosed very accurately, which has a big influence on the consistent quality of the various oils. Only the best quality base oils and ‘leading edge’ additive technologies are used for oil formulation. The result is absolute top-quality lubricants in terms of durability and safe performance.