To Make a Positive Difference 

Our mission is to unlock the business potential of your commercial ideas - both in new product development and existing products that have a slow sales performance.

 Ennigma harnesses the positive synergy from a diverse group of business and marketing professionals possessing enthusiasm and thought leadership, all with proven track records in their own fields.

 30 years of working in the business and commercial world.

Our clients have included Santa Pod Raceway,  Procter and Gamble, Hill Samuel Financial Services, United Friendly, Royal Sun Alliance, Duckhams Oil, Town and Country Building Society, Scotland Yard, Metro Life Bank (Greece). 10 years experience with London’s most successful and prestigious Property Developers 

We work in all sectors of business in fluctuating markets

The expertise we bring with experience of Ennigma 2 team will provide management with the edge to develop growth and increase profitability.

Suzanne Wallis-Boden Joint Managing Director