The Dynamic World of Drag Racing
and showcase of our involvement with race cars

A positive outlook for 2011
This year our order book is already looking good, a new Top Fuel Dragster will be available for a driver to complement our team, and orders for chassis’s are pending, in all, a good year ahead!

The season never stops! What is meant the work never stops;
Development work is always in hand and major new projects are already underway.

We are looking to recruit 2 New Drivers into the team this season, and we will also be handling the
‘Chaos’ nostalgia Fuel Altered race car (details of these can be found in latter pages)

What a successful year 2010 has been in the world of Drag Racing and FGR Motorsport. Last year saw the full time return to Funny Car Racing for the team at FGR, supporting ‘Shockwave' Drag Race team

Historically FGR was always in the forefront of building and racing Nitro Burning Funny Cars, and this year we will
be turning our support to Top Fuel as well!

We do bikes as well
We have also completed repair work on the Top Fuel Bike of  Rene Ven Den Berg from Hollan
d.Other clients have been from the VW Bug scene – Drift car, Stock and Track cars have all been through the workshop for various modifications and repair work over the course of last year.

We are importing race car parts as well
Working with our  partners in the USA - Baumgartner Race Cars who are developing their overseas business setting up a more direct link to enable a more cost effective supply of new parts and a more direct engine block repair service. 

As 2011 progresses

A lot of mechanical engineering work traditionally takes place at this time of year, blocks , cranks, and heads all have to be refreshed for those important months, with race dates that seem to be on top of each other.

This year is no different

December was a month better forgotten with record low temperatures and snow like we’ve never seen for years,
progress has been hard.
Construction work has been going on finishing the ‘micro’ funny car body, altered bodies, and Aluminium tin work all underway.

Looking back on the past year 2010 New sponsors - New cars

The European drag racing season is over, the weather has turned cold & damp and everyone is looking forward to Christmas.
A time to look at what is needed to fulfil the orders, and start preparing for next year.
Our commitments are varied, and as usual time goes by so quickly, two new chassis’s are now underway.

The Fireworks Event a night to remember
- one of the rare opportunities to see the Funny Cars at their most fearsome, Flames and Thunder is a true description of these fire breathing monsters. To all of our fans that made it along we hope they were not disappointed, Shockwave won the event in style! As this event traditionally marks the closing down of our racing season we did intend to go down to New Zealand & Australia but with a full order book maybe that will have to wait
till the end of next year !!


Following the previous hectic 3 months services & repairs,  preparation was in hand for the last event of the
European Drag Racing calender, the Flame & Thunder event at Santa Pod , England, although this is traditionally
a Novemeber 5th event this year it took place on the last week in October.


Drag Racing is all about consistent performance - Wining the Funny Car competition at Drag Race Finals with a
string of excellent passes culminating in personal best for the driver ‘Flash’ Gordon Smith. A brilliant performance
by the whole team with a special note to the team leader, changing engines is the norm but at this event reliability
is paramount.

Then on to Hockenheim where we opened the night show, bringing the huge crowds to their feet with a blistering first round performance. This year was the first time the FGR team had been back to Hockenheim since the early days, when the likes of Alan herridge, legendary driver of the FGR funny car 'Gladiator' first took to the German strip.

Started with an event in Alastaro - Finland, and our team members were in Mantorp Park - Sweden for the Drag Festival
Work is well under way on the re-furbishment of 'Vampire' the turbo jet dragster, in preparation for the 2011 season od shows and personel appearances.

Saw the return tocar building for the team and tubes were laid down on the jig for the new Fuel Altered chassis to be built to the new 10.1E S.F.I specifications, and one of our guys took to the road to work with the Rune Feld team.

In preparation for our all new 2011 funny car chassis, further updates were incorporated and tested prior to the Main Event meeting at Santa Pod. Competition was fierce but with the updates to the chassis the car produced a converted win at the event.

The Easter 'Thunderball Event' the first major event of the year with the Funny car. With many new developments incorporated into the chassis, some to infinite to be seen and others quite major the first full pass is always a high adrenalin occasion and the 'Shockwave' Funny car performed excellently. Later in the event we found ourselves paired with a Top Fuel dragster.

In the winter time and spring of 2010

Due to a strong demand the development of a 'mini' funny car body was undertaken. Also repair work was  done on Tony Betts 'Venom' fuel altered, including supplying him with the most upto date 10.5 spec chassis. We also completed the updates on the newly imported 7,000hp Fuel funny car  for the 'Mongoose' team