The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile
For years the FIA has been at the forefront of prestige awards in Europen motorsport

1996 saw the first FIA official European Drag racing Championship

Now with 5 classes in the drag Racing championship series, covering over 150 competitions.

- Top Fuel Dragster
- Top Methanol Dragster
- Top Methanol Funny Car
- Pro Mod car
- Pro Stock car

The words FIA to the fans of drag racing mean quality racing in the chosen classes.

Drag racing is not based on speed but of course this does help

The European Championship events normally includes two days of qualifying
The contestants qualify into elimination ladders, with a limited number of spots in each class
followed by one ”elimination” day. This could be 32 or 16 or 8 places on the finals day

Anticipation with excellent reaction is the way to win the race
Two cars in the same class line up for each round in the elimination.
Starting form a qualify field of 8, 16 or 32 cars respectively based on there
individual qualifying times.
The winner from each heat moves on to the next heat, all the way to the finals.

You may have a variation of only .3 of a second between the quickest/ lowest time and the bump spot
(the slowest in the preset field), so in the elimination reaction time to the starting lights (christmas tree)
is so important.

Whatever the class, a driver will say if they see the green light they have lost; no more could be a truer word!

Excellent preparation of the car is paramount, in this sport you do not get a second chance
the skills of the driver / team and crew chief are pushed to their limit and beyond to gain points to
achieve a win and the ultimate cosseted FIA award.