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This site is all about the opportunities that can be found by being involved in Drag Racing

Our sister site FGR Motorsport is our workshop site showing what we do,

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FGR have been involved in the European world of Drag Racing for over 50 years, this has given us
a vast knowledge of building and the operation of Nitro burning Funny cars and Top Fuelers.
To be involved in fuel drag racing is a an unbelievable experience, please read though the drivers experience
on page 10

The sport of Drag Racing is worldwide, and with the ever growing media coverage and increasing public
awareness, we are able to reach a very targeted audience of car and bike enthusiasts, all directly or indirectly connected with a common interest - Drag Racing!

Drag racing is awesome power unrivalled by the few

Parachutes to stop

The world’s most powerful engine standard body car, Drag Racing is all about power; it is also the fastest
and noisiest sport! Drag cars are limited to 320 mph from a standing start over a quarter mile.

Drag Racing is now a worldwide sport and has a vast number of active participants and supporters, it is not
an exclusive sport like F1 but is open to anyone with a car or bike and a love of speed, to participate for
example you can start at the RWYB club track days or the fast & furious Japanese cars, to the ultimate extreme